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Half Past Danger #1 Review


So standing in my local comic bookshop, looking at the pitiful amount of coins in my pocket, it came down to a choice between lunch or this comic book. I chose the comic book, of course. How could I resist a cover like that?

At $3.99 (that’s about £3.15 to me), it didn’t come cheap but it was worth it. Inside, it has Nazis, dinosaurs, dames and martial arts. Something for everyone! The art is just right – clean lines, bright colours and enough heavy shading to give it that noir-ish feel. I love the expressions that Mooney draws. The faces of his characters manage to be both stoic in that WW2 way and expressive.

The best panel for me is a bar fight going on in the background, whilst the beautiful Agent Elizabeth Huntington-Moss leans back on the bar, eyebrows raised, and asks “Pimms?” This is closely followed by the main character, Tommy Flynn, being thrown out of a bar window. He falls against a wall, bums a quick cigarette puff off a homeless man, hands the man back his smoke, and dives back in through the window. Pure awesomeness.

The issue left me really wanting to know who Agent Huntington-Moss was and what she wanted with Tommy and what was going on with the dinosaurs. So many questions that need answers. So I went nosing around the internet to try and find out when the next issue is out…

Turns out I’ve really missed the boat on this one. Issue one came out in May this year. Surely I would have noticed this wonderful piece of art before? I’m not sure why my LCS suddenly had issue 1 this late on (and I snapped up the last copy that was on the shelves), but I really hope they put the rest out. If not, the trade paperback is coming out early February, so I will have to wait until then to find out what’s going on!


Batman 23.1 The Joker review


It’s villain’s month for DC and how could I resist an issue starring the guy who got me started down the road of comic books, Mr J. himself?

If the New 52 Joker has left you pining for his fresh-faced looks of old, this is just what the doctor ordered. Writer Andy Kubert also brings some of the pathos of Alan Moore’s Killing Joke Joker to his take on the character, with flashbacks of Joker’s childhood. (Gaggy the monkey hand puppet, by the way? I want one!

A cute story of fatherly love between man and gorilla, this issue exactly captures the manic energy of the Joker. One of the things that interests me most about his character is that he’s a cartoon in world of illustrations. He’s unpredictable, sinister beneath a veneer of fun, and has a complete disregard for safety. In one panel, he and his adopted gorilla son, Jackanapes, are stealing cookies from a girl scout, a couple of panels later they’re shooting down helicopters, no discerning line drawn between the two. He is mad and dangerous, but there is also something strangely innocent about him. The page that truly summed up his character for me was Joker wearing an apron, spooning baby food into the a young gorilla’s mouth whilst two people in the background lie murdered. Very disturbing, very Joker.

I don’t see how this story’s going to have much of an impact on the DCU, and the conclusion felt a little rushed and forced, but it was good fun.

The colours in this are beautiful, all those greens and purples and pops of orange. Clarke’s flashback panels are slightly sketchy and have a Tim Burton-esque feel to them, yet they sit well beside the brighter present day panels. The artwork is strong, simple but not overly so. Visually, it’s an appealing issue.

It might not be for everyone, but I think Joker fans will want to add it to their collections.

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