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Let sleeping cats lie

Let sleeping cats lie

Been busy the past couple of weeks and I’ll have posts about what I’ve been up to soon, but meanwhile here’s a picture of my cat napping on some balls of yarn. Aww….


Why I should always have my camera with me

I was out early-ish this morning and everything was so foggy! And the world seemed to have been taken over by spiders in the night, their webs were everywhere. But I wasn’t even thinking about photographs until I was crossing a railway bridge and saw the tracks disappearing off into mysterious fog. That was when I gave in and ran home to get my camera.


By the time I got back, the fog was starting to disappear pretty rapidly, but I’m pleased with what I got. It’s definitely taught me to always carry my camera around with me, so that’s something. On the way back, I meandered, taking pictures of the amazing spiderwebs. That’s serious dedication to my art by the way, as I’m not too keen on spiders and I had to lean in close to get these pictures.




I was worried when taking these that the detail wouldn’t come out as clearly as I wanted to. I’m working with a Kodak EasyShareM753. I don’t know much about cameras, but I know that I’ve had this one for a number of years and it doesn’t always give me the results I’m looking for. I’m actually really happy with the way that these photos turned out!




By the time I was finished, I felt really itchy and prickly (did I mention I’m not keen on spiders?), but rather pleased with myself. A very productive walk for me! What do you guys think?

And apologies to anyone else who is creeped out by spiders!


5 Top Tips for Zoo Photography


1. Timing is everything

Rhinos move much faster than you think. This was supposed to be a head shot.


2. Make sure you have a good zoom on your camera

After all, you want to capture every last detail of that… fly???


3. Show decorum

Censor any unsightly booties, etc. There are children around!


4. Take what you can get

Sometimes, a tail is the best you’re going to get.


5. Be alert

Just because there are lots of interesting animals around, it doesn’t mean someone in your group isn’t going to take embarrassing pictures of you 🙂

(Pictures taken at the awesome Marwell Zoo)

Cats make the day good

Cats make the day good

Sylvie, napping in the way only she can 🙂

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