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It’s a rocket, man


‘Tech Knits’ by Sue Culligan (also published as ‘Knits of Tomorrow’)

Why this book isn’t talked about in hushed whispers in awed whispers in every corner of the internet inhabited by nerdy knitters, I just don’t know. Sue Culligan doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence and most of the patterns in this book aren’t on Ravlery. Steps must be taken to rectify this! The twenty patterns in this book range for the adorably kitsch – flying saucer paper weight – to the incredibly classy – radio mast socks and circuit board fingerless mitts.

So when my brother, on being asked what he wants for his upcoming birthday, said he wanted a rocket, I knew it was to this book that I must turn. The space rocket desk tidies were just the thing I was looking for to give my geeky, artistic sibling. I nabbed a jar from J’s glass recycling box and got to work.


The rocket wasn’t an overwhelming success. The patterns calls for the rocket to be shaped to the jar and it turns out I’m not quite the pattern-adapting wunderkind I thought I was. The rocket hangs baggy on its jar, but hopefully not too noticeably. And then there was the whole porthole fiasco. The portholes are crocheted. I hadn’t touched a crochet hook in years, not since the thimble-sized hat incident, which still haunts me to this day…. I exaggerate. But not when I say that I don’t understand crochet at all.


It’s crochet Jim, but not as we know it.

Refusing to be daunted, I nicked another jar and immediately began work on another rocket. This one turned out better.


I even started to get the hang of crocheting and I don’t think the portholes on this one… okay, I don’t think the top porthole on this one is too abysmal. And now my brother gets to have two rockets for his birthday!

This was a quick project, but with lots of techniques to keep it interesting. I got to work in the round, pick up stitches, use short row shaping and colour work. The pattern was well laid out and easy to follow.

Blast off!…. Or should I say cast off?



Updatey goodness

So here’s what I’ve been working on knit-wise the last week or so:



A crab hat for my sister on her birthday. Knitted from ‘Animal Hats’ by Rachel Henderson. Love this book, I think I’m going to end up knitting most of the hats in it. 



A tea cosy. Well, cup cosy really, since I don’t have a teapot.



The first of (hopefully) many Christmas presents to come – a sock monkey hat. Knitted from ‘Animal Hats’ again, but I was inspired by Misha Collins’ hat:


 The present is for the sister. She introduced me to Supernatural and we’re both Misha fans.

Aaaand I started work on….



A birthday present for my brother who said he wanted a rocket for his birthday. It’s a desk tidy rocket from ‘Tech Knits’ by Sue Culligan. The pattern wanted aran weight yarn and 4mm dpns, but since I’m trying to use up my stash it’s being knitted with dk weight. But I’ve never listened to what a pattern tells me to do anyway. The pen and paper you can see in the picture is me working stuff out to adjust the pattern to the different yarn weight and the jar the knitted piece is going to cover. Fun stuff.

And finally, the first roses have come out in my garden! I feel super-proud, even though it’s nothing to do with me really, and all down to the plant.


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