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Gothic Knitting Books

In my teenage years I was a goth and a knitter. Now in my twenties I still knit, and although I may not dress the part anymore, the goth subculture is still close to my heart. To  me, knitting is the perfect gothic craft. The act of knitting itself is soothing to the angst-ridden soul, and it allows the knitter to create something as beautiful and unique as they are. Knitting is subversive and can be challenging to those who don’t understand its appeal. So here are my top 5 goth knitting books. And one crochet book for good measure.


1. Gothic Knits by Fiona McDonald

Create a host of adorable dolls from the brooding Violetta to the flamboyant D’Anton. The book contains patterns for nine dolls, complete with individual outfits. Making the dolls covers a range of non-knitting skills that are explained at the beginning of the book, including embroidery and making hair pieces. The effects are amazing! The knitting skills required are probably beginner to intermediate, but because of the detail that goes into these dolls, I think you would have to be confident with a sewing needle. Which is the reason I haven’t made any of these dolls yet, but I still enjoy looking through this book.


2. Knit Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble

Stitch together your very own zombie horde! This book also utilizes skills outside of knitting, instructions for which can be found in their own chapter. The best thing about this book for me is that although there are nine zombies, all their parts are interchangeable, allowing the knitter to create their own custom zombie. Fiona Goble suggests four of these ‘mash-ups’, including an adorable biker chick zombie. Because of all the small,  fiddly parts, I’d recommend this book for intermediate knitters.

Image3. Evil Knits by Hannah Simpson

I love this book! So far I’ve knitted the creepy clown cushion cover and my beloved clockwork monkey, but I plan to make so many more. Each pattern starts with a short piece about the inspiration behind it, which is especially fun to read if you are a horror buff. This is such a fun book and the projects covers a range of household objects such as hand puppets, cat toys and iPad covers.


4. Domiknitrix by Jennifer Stafford

This book will take knitters through from beginner to expert, covering objects for the home, accessories and garments. I knitted my  first sweater from this book – the big bad wold pullover. It also has patterns for some very cute hats and hoodies I want to get my needles into. I’d recommend this book for its wry humour and its range of patterns and abilities.


5. Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller

I don’t have this book, although I would love to own it along with Genevieve’s upcoming book Once Upon a Knit. The patterns range from the elegant ‘pulse protectors’ to the cute werewolf hat. The projects are inspired by the Twilight films, although if like me you’re not a fan, this shouldn’t put you off. These patterns are beautiful. As a bonus, Genevieve also has a blog with WordPress!

ImageAnd for the crocheters…

Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden

I’ve never been able to get the hang of crochet, but this is the book that makes me want to persevere. The little creatures would make such cute gifts and ornaments. Again, it covers a range of skills with each pattern listed as beginner, intermediate or ‘epic’. My favourite are the Day of the Dead couple and the adorable grim reaper.


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