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Supernatural meet-up at London MCM


Photo from the Supernatural Cosplay Facebook page

The Saturday that I was at MCM London Comic Con, my sister and I cosplayed as Sam and Bobby from Supernatural. We also went with a couple of friends who were dressed as Castiel and Dean. So when we heard there was a Supernatual meet up going on, we hightailed it on over there. It was great fun, and if you get the chance to go to a fandom meet up at a convention, I highly recommend it. Especially when everyone is in cosplay!


(Picture not taken by me, I got it from the Facebook page)

The meetups are an awesome photo shoot opportunity, to recreate scenes from the show or to make up ones the fans would like to have seen! There were quite a few calls for ‘ship’ photos, such as Castiel and Dean together, or Castiel and Crowley.


Dean and all the Castiels! (Taken from the Facebook page again)

I went to the meet-up not really knowing what to expect, apart from a lot of tan trench coats and plaid of course! What really surprised me was that the Bobby-love that I received. So many people were shouting ‘Bobby!’ at me and coming over to ask for hugs and pictures. A lot of them said they’d never seen a Bobby cosplay before, which is sad because he’s such an awesome character. I got a lot of compliments on my hand-knitted beard, which was nice. 🙂


What I really wasn’t prepared for, was being involved in the photo shoots! I guess I should have seen it coming, but when the call went out for Bobby, it was scary. I’m not used to so much attention being on me and I froze up a  bit, any poses I might have idly thought of went straight of my mind and I think I looked awkward in a lot of the pictures. I kind of wish I could have been warned in advance and had time to mentally prepare myself, but I guess it will get easier with time! This was only the second time I’ve cosplayed. Even though it was scary and awkward, I still really enjoyed myself.



And I got to re-enact the Crowley/Bobby kiss scene with a lovely Crowley cosplayer!

It was also awesome to see a few Welcome To Night Vale cosplayers. A few of them hung around on the fringes of the Supernatural meet up, and the couple I spoke to were so friendly and their cosplays were awesome. I did see one Cecil wearing what looked very much like a hand-knitted tank top with an amazing WTNV fair isle design, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.



The day was everything I love about conventions – getting to geek out with fellow nerds who love the same stuff as you!







Today there has been laughter (at The Sister smearing whipped cream over her face) and there has been tears (when I accidentally somehow, I have no idea, managed to delete pictures of one of our tasks from the camera before they’d been transferred to the computer), but through it all there has been GISHWHES. I haven’t slept or eaten properly in days. It got me wondering just why I was doing this to myself?

One of the messages that GISHWHES is trying to promote is “Death to normalcy”. It’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut and forget about enjoying life. This week I have done some crazy things and I think I have brightened a few people’s days, which makes me feel good. I also have no doubt that I have gotten on other people’s nerves, but at least I’ve provided them with some interest!

It’s also all about helping others and promoting the charity Random Acts. A new task was posted today to help out a family that has suffered particular bad luck to get their lives back on track. And a lot of the tasks involve helping people – such as donating money to food banks and cleaning up litter.

And the more the word is spread, the better known Random Acts becomes, the more people join in GISHWHES next year and the more happiness is spread around the world.


The things that GISHWHES has taught me today…

1. No one is safe

Everyone has to get involved with my madness!

But they’re so kind about it! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me so far and is going to in the next few days, I couldn’t manage without you.


My friend Andrea being bullied into making a swimming costume out of tea bags with me!

2. Tea gets everywhere

Quote of the day is the sister saying: “I have tea in my bra!”

And don’t tell J, but we got tea all over his floor. Ssshhh….


“Damn you, Misha Collins!”

3. GISHWHES is a synonym for a stressful, hectic day

Whenever we saw anyone looking strung-out and flustered today, the sister and I have shared a look and said “They must be doing GISHWHES.”


Tune in tomorrow for more profound insights!


This week I’m taking part in GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) for the first time. Today was my first full day.

Thanks to GISHWHES, I discovered a beautiful part of Southampton I’ve never seen before. When this week is over and I have some free time I’m definitely going to go back there and explore.


The reason that I ended up wandering around that part of town is because I was looking for a costume shop I was sure was nearby. After a lot of getting distracted, I managed to find the costume shop. My purchases resulted in this:


Very fun, although I didn’t enjoy washing off my ‘tattoos’ so much…


I’m looking forwards to tomorrow!

Updatey goodness

So here’s what I’ve been working on knit-wise the last week or so:



A crab hat for my sister on her birthday. Knitted from ‘Animal Hats’ by Rachel Henderson. Love this book, I think I’m going to end up knitting most of the hats in it. 



A tea cosy. Well, cup cosy really, since I don’t have a teapot.



The first of (hopefully) many Christmas presents to come – a sock monkey hat. Knitted from ‘Animal Hats’ again, but I was inspired by Misha Collins’ hat:


 The present is for the sister. She introduced me to Supernatural and we’re both Misha fans.

Aaaand I started work on….



A birthday present for my brother who said he wanted a rocket for his birthday. It’s a desk tidy rocket from ‘Tech Knits’ by Sue Culligan. The pattern wanted aran weight yarn and 4mm dpns, but since I’m trying to use up my stash it’s being knitted with dk weight. But I’ve never listened to what a pattern tells me to do anyway. The pen and paper you can see in the picture is me working stuff out to adjust the pattern to the different yarn weight and the jar the knitted piece is going to cover. Fun stuff.

And finally, the first roses have come out in my garden! I feel super-proud, even though it’s nothing to do with me really, and all down to the plant.


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